Improv Purchasing Information


A modular engineering kit that includes a swappable CPU and a separate feature card. The CPU PCMCIA card has a dual-core ARM 1 GHz processor. The feature card provides access to the CPU through a variety of ports and pins.

Includes a dual-core ARM EOMA68 processor, 1GB RAM, 4GB flash memory, ethernet, HDMI, VGA, USB, SATA, i2c, GPIOs. Its modular design is useful for range of projects—from tinkering to serious product development.

Comes pre-installed with the lean Mer Linux operating system, which is designed specifically for device development. The Mer Project also offers a complete development environment, including tools, SDKs, a build service and generous community support.

Visit the MakePlayLive website for the story behind Improv, more information and the Improv design philosophy.


Improv is currently available for purchase in Brazil, India, North America and Europe (listing of specific countries) for shipping in March 2014 [updated]. More locations will be added soon.


An Improv package (including CPU and feature board) costs $75 plus shipping, and taxes where applicable.

Shipping and taxes:

Brazil $16 shipping per order; customs paperwork provided
Canada $10 shipping per order; customs paperwork provided
India $16 shipping per order; customs paperwork provided
Europe $10 shipping per order; 18% VAT ($13.50)
U.S. $5 shipping per order; tax on shipments within Washington State

Support the project financially

People have asked for a way to support the project without buying an Improv. Donations are gratefully accepted in any amount. Bitcoin can be used for donations. A PayPal donation option bypasses the Store so ordering/shipping information is not needed.