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Improv from Make Play Live is a community project. Its development has been funded by a few individuals on behalf of KDE and the entire Free and Open Source technology community. The benefits of the project will be broad.

The challenges and payoffs of this project are substantial. Open Hardware for KDE has more information, including the history of how Improv came to be and the design philosophy behind it.

The bring-Improv-to-production fundraising goal is $125,000. All donations will be used to cover direct out-of-pocket costs to bring Improv from proven product to full production. Any money that is not used for this purpose will be used to provide Improv devices for education.

VAULTechnology is part of the Make Play Live Partner Network, responsible for all ordering, and shipping to customers in North America. VAULT provides hosting and manages donations at no charge to the Improv project.

VAULT does not receive any part of donations, unlike other crowdfunding websites.

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